80% of B2B Digital Marketing is Hurting Sales

Brand new 2016 B2B Digital bench marketing report shows what’s wrong – and how you can fix it fast.

We analysed the “digital footprint” of 509 of the top business-to-business organisations in the Thames Valley and Solent and discovered: 80% of these companies have fundamental problems with their online presence that directly impact their sales.

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Big four marketing cloud vendors top Gartner’s digital marketing hubs list – CMO Australia

Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce and Marketo are leading the pack when it comes to providing digital marketing platforms, new Gartner research reports.

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How Triggered Emails Will Help Increase Holiday Sales

e holidays are upon us, and all the digital retailers are relying on email marketing to establish connections with their clients. They are hiring the sharpest copywriters and marketers to design and plan their email marketing campaigns. However, all digital marketers do not leverage the massive power of triggered emails.

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Free Cloud-Based marketing Tools

Everything McGrody Web Services does is about making the world more open and connected. We are continually incorporating ways for our clients to connect with their customers as well as with the businesses, brands and institutions they care about, both on Social Media and across the web.

McGrody Web Services allows marketers to stay connected with their customers throughout their day whether they are on their computers or mobile devices, at home or at work, watching TV or shopping with their friends. This allows businesses to create rich marketing experiences, build lasting relationships and amplify the most powerful type of marketing – word of mouth.

Now check Out These Five FREE 21st Century, Cloud-Based Marketing Tools For A Digital World

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Six Tips for Mobile SEO Dominance

As the battle for SEO dominance rages forth, a new arena has taken center stage; mobile SEO. There are almost as many cellphone subscriptions (6.8 billion) as there are people roaming the planet (seven billion), meaning that mobile SEO has become a category that can’t be ignored. When Google projected in 2014 that mobile searches could possibly exceed desktops searches by the end of the year, a powerfully clear message was sent to companies and marketers alike; developing a substantial mobile SEO strategy is a necessity.

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Online Marketing in 2015: Where Should You Focus? – Weebly.com

Imagine delivering great content from your website to your customers exactly when they want it, even while you sleep. This is powerful in a world where time zones don’t matter anymore.

Marketing automation enables companies to send content out once a trigger is initiated. It can be anything from a link click to filling out a form. The software also offers tracking and measurement of your communication for even more success.

For instance, you can automate the flow of your leads through your online web forms, including tasks to be assigned to certain sales people for follow up, and simultaneous autoresponders to your leads, including great tips and content while they are still shopping your competition. You can also automate nurture sequences to bring old leads back to the top and regain interest in your products or services at specific times in the future.

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Marketing Skills Business Owners Should Master

If you want to become a more efficient marketer, you have to be willing to invest in tools that can help automate your efforts.

Last year, more businesses than ever adopted and implemented marketing automation tools in an effort to streamline processes, understand their customers better, and make more money. In fact, according to Salesforce, “a quarter of all B2B Fortune 500 companies are already using marketing automation, along with 76% of the world’s largest SaaS companies.”

If you’re not sure what marketing automation is, how it can help your business, or where to start, spend some time listening to this four-part series on The Future of Marketing and Sales Automation from Sugar CRM. In it, you’ll hear from a few industry experts as they discuss a handful of examples, best practices, and upcoming trends in relation to marketing automation.

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