Top five ways to market your mobile app

You spend months polishing your app, pushing it to the store, persuading your friends to try it, getting a great review from some guy in Indonesia and…nothing. There are half a million apps out there and you need a marketing strategy. In fact, you need to figure it out before you start coding.

What about PR? Blogs? Twitter? Facebook? SXSW? Asking users for a five-star review? Yes, these things are important and you have to do them all. But everyone else is doing them too. In engineering terms, PR and social media and conferences and Scoble are necessary but not sufficient. What are you going to do that other people cannot or will not do? That’s strategy.

We’ve identified five winning strategies. If you can execute on all of them you are destined for number one. If you score zero, that’s how many downloads you can expect.

via Top five ways to market your mobile app | ZDNet.

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