SEO Isn’t Magic – So Stop Doing SEO Tricks

We talk a lot about how SEO changes all the time, but in the 6 years I’ve been doing this, here are some things that have never stopped working for me:

Find the terms that people are using to search for your products, and then talk about your products on-site using those terms, without using them so much you sound crazy.

Make sure a search engine can find every page on your site, read the content and figure out what the page is about (i.e. what keywords it should rank for).

Fix the broken stuff on your site, remove duplicate content and make the whole site faster.

Create interesting, relevant, fresh content that is designed to engage users and encourage them to share it.

Build links to your site from other high-authority sites with which you share a topic or audience – better yet, build relationships with those sites that can earn you links again and again.

Make sure you’ve got a good experience for users once they get to the site: the content they see is the content they wanted. That’s what search engines want to happen, and that’s how users give you money.

via SEO Isn’t Magic – So Stop Doing SEO Tricks | SEOmoz.

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