McGrody Web Services is committed to helping you develop your Internet Presence via in-bound automated marketing strategies. It does so by offering a variety of professional yet affordable web design and marketing services, including automated lead generation and lead follow-up services.

Our marketing focus is to serve the needs of small businesses, political candidates, groups and organizations (non-profit and otherwise).  We do so by providing quality and reliable development services in a timely manner.

In order to preserve our ability to provide such quality web design and marketing services at a competitive price, we have established relationships with several third-party vendors. We will seek to build new strategic relationships that will allow us to continually expand our business offerings.

In today’s highly competitive environment, operating with an outdated web site, or no web site at all, is like having one hand tied behind your back — you can function, but with some difficulty.

To be successful, your web site must:

  • Be engaging and interactive
  • Be updated and maintained continuously
  • Possess content and tactics that support your overall business strategies
  • Focus on in-bound lead generation and sales and marketing lead follow-up actions 

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