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Facebook Is Making A Big Change To Your News Feed | Promo by Slidely – Video ads and Marketing

You heard it right. Once again Facebook has launched a change in how your News Feed will be viewed. Yes, this will affect business owners who use the platform to gain leads, make sales, and engage with your audience.The intention … Continue reading

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How to Promote Your #Business Locally : EU Reporter

Small businesses often start by reaching out to the local community and not to a national stage. Promoting locally is usually nowhere near as expensive as trying to get a foothold nationally. Newer businesses with limited marketing budgets must start … Continue reading

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Walmart CEO Doug McMillon: To Drive Same-Store Sales, We Had To Build Up E-Commerce |

But the new era of Walmart’s growth was set with the purchase of Hoboken, NJ-based e-commerce startup for $3.3 billion August 2016. In particular, McMillon praised the influence of founder Marc Lore’s oversight of all things digital at Walmart for … Continue reading

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Think With Google: 5 Ways Voice Activated Assistants Are Changing Search |

Voice activated speakers for the Connected Home are rapidly becoming mainstream consumer products — and those new devices are having an immediate impact on the way consumers search, Think With Google stats show. Source: Think With Google: 5 Ways Voice … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Dave Isbitski: With Voice-Enabled ‘Everything,’ Brands Must Get Back To Conversational Basics |

Following a keynote at Yext’s ONWARD conference in November entitled Voice-Enabled Everything, Isbitski talked to GeoMarketing about the reality of marketing through conversation — and the next phase of the mass transition to voice. (Full disclosure: Yext owns GeoMarketing. Source: Amazon’s … Continue reading

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How To Budget For SEO In 2018

Your next job is to distribute your budget to specific areas, so you can maximize your performance and get closer to your final goals. In 2018, content remains king for SEO, but you’ll need to allocate it slightly differently to … Continue reading

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A Proven Local Visibility System For Google | Linchpin SEO

Local SEO may have many benefits for small businesses such as local visibility within Google, after all, more than 40 percent of Google searches have local intent, local searches convince about half of all mobile consumers to visit a store within a … Continue reading

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